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Our Values

We care for our staff.png

We care for our staff
We work flexible hours because we understand the importance of having a good work/life balance. We believe in giving credit where it’s due, supporting each other, and teamwork.

We treat people of all walks of life with respect.png

We treat people of all walks of life with respect
It’s very important to us that everyone we have contact with comes away from that experience feeling uplifted. See what our previous customers have said about working with us.

We care about our impact on the environment.png

We care about our impact on the environment
We car-share regularly (in Miriam's plug-in hybrid car), we recycle as much as possible, minimise consumption of single-use plastics and use paperless systems for all admin and marketing. We also assess the company’s carbon footprint yearly and, to help offset it, contribute to one of these projects.

We want to deliver the best we can.png

We want to deliver the best we can
We aim to stay on top of the game professionally to give our clients the best possible service. Having trained specifically in property photography and lighting, we continuously incorporate new techniques and processes to elevate our work.

We think it’s important to give back.png

We think it’s important to give back
Throughout the years, Miriam has given her time pro bono to local charities and used her photography skills to help their causes.

  • While living in Australia, she regularly did shoots for her local branch of SAFE – Western Australia's largest volunteer-based animal rescue and rehoming organisation. Miriam’s role was to get the cutest possible pictures of the animals in SAFE’s care to help them find new homes.

  • Thrive has over 40 years’ experience of trained horticultural therapists working with plants and people to improve an individual’s physical and psychological health, communication and thinking skills. Miriam has done various shoots throughout the seasons to help show off the facilities at the Beech Hill centre. 

  • In November 2021 Miriam and Gemma did a shoot for The Cowshed in Reading, who provide support to people of all backgrounds in a time of personal crisis. Clothes are donated then sorted, washed and ironed at their premises ready to be delivered or collected by social services, other health professionals or clients. They want their clients to feel they are receiving a gift to assist them in a time of crisis rather than some old clothes, and wanted some great photography to show off their new premises.

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