Photography Lessons

Do your photographs ever look too dark? Blurry? Grainy? Do they lack punch and not do justice to what you're seeing?


Did you buy a 'fancy' camera hoping that your photos would

come out great, and then find that you're still disappointed?


I can help you! Learn how to use your D-SLR or mirrorless (compact

system) camera* in a series of private photography classes 

aimed at beginners.

*If you're not sure what type of camera you have, just ask me!

Learn when and where suits you! Lessons can be scheduled according to your requirements - during the week or at the weekends, whichever you find most convenient - and I travel to you.​

The course is available to residents of Reading, Wokingham, and the surrounding towns and villages of this area of Berkshire such as Spencers Wood, Calcot, Theale, Riseley, Shinfield, Arborfield, Barkham, Yateley, Crowthorne, Earley...

There are two courses to choose from:

1. Tips and Techniques Photography Course

 A jargon-free, hands-on approach to help you improve your photographs by showing you some basic settings on your camera and by teaching you to make the best of available light and compose strong shots. 


The course comprises 2 private lessons (1 - 1.5 hours each) which are mostly practical. 


During the course you will:


Learn to look for the light! Identifying 'good light' is of crucial importance


Create soft, blurred backgrounds in portraits and arty shots


Ensure that your photographs are sharp where you want them to be, including in action shots


Apply simple compositional rules to create punchy images.


This 'lite' course doesn't aim to get you using manual settings but rather to improve your photographs by exploiting your camera's semi-automatic capabilities and training your eye to better use natural light and employ composition skills.

Since it is a 'jargon-free' approach, please note that on completing the course, you won't be able to discuss camera settings such as apertures or shutter speeds with other photography enthusiasts, but you will take better photos.


This course is ideal for parents who want to take better photographs of their children or for anybody going travelling who wants to make sure they get some great shots. 


Choose this course if you have bought yourself a decent camera and want to learn how to take photographs that you're proud of, but aren't motivated to delve deeper into photography.

The course comprises 2 - 3 hours of private tuition.

Price: £150



  I  !

2. Photography Foundations Course

A comprehensive photography course that starts by explaining the foundations of photography and builds up from there. You will get familiar with your camera in no time and start taking real control and capturing images that you're proud of!

The course comprises 4 private lessons (1 - 2 hours each), with a mix of theory and practice, including a practical lesson outdoors.

During the course you will:


Learn to control exposure using the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO

Use the functions above to create soft or sharp backgrounds and blur or freeze movement


Explore your camera's other functions such as the focus options, shutter bursts, and white balance


Understand what factors contribute to the optimal composition of a photo


Undertake practical ‘homework’ and comprehension quizzes.

A break of 1 - 2 weeks between lessons is recommended  so it usually takes 1 - 2 months to complete the course.

By ensuring that you understand how a photograph is created and how the camera works as a tool in this context you will be able to continue developing your skills into the future. Two of my previous students turned professional!

Choose this course if you’d like a thorough grasp and understanding of your camera and if you have a genuine interest or enthusiasm in photography.

On average the course comprises approximately 6 hours of private tuition.

Price: £285


  I  !

I have taught countless adults how to get the most out of their camera since I started teaching in 2011. I also taught the WAPF's (Western Australian Photographic Federation) official Photography 101 course to groups of adults at the Hedland Camera Club in 2014 and 2015.

In Australia my course was so popular that I had a long waiting list often with more than 30 people on it who were queuing up to take the course. I don't have a waiting list here yet so get in now and book your course before I have to start one!

"Miriam is a fantastic teacher, explained everything in an easy to understand way. Miriam is very patient and kind and I really enjoyed her photography lessons. I highly recommend." 

- Angela House

To book, either click on the Book Now! button above, call me on 07421 997 159, or complete and submit the contact form below:

To me, the world is made up of photographs waiting to be spotted and taken. There is so much beauty all around us, and I have an uncontrollable impulse to try to capture it so that it can be appreciated forever. I am never happier than when I'm "hunting down the photo" - finding the right frame, composition, and lighting to do justice to the scene. Sometimes it's the large landscape frame that pleases me, sometimes I think the beauty's in the details. 

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