Interior Design Photography

When shooting for an interior designer I will take a moment to absorb the ambiance that the room generates, and then I will look for the fabrics and colours and artwork and shapes that they have used to craft this ambiance and use them, along with careful compositions and lighting, to convey that feeling in my photographs. 

Architectural Photography

If I'm shooting for an architect I will discuss with them what their client's requirements were and how they were addressed - has the house been designed for an 'inside outside' feel? Was the priority a flow between the kitchen and the living space? Did they want more light? I will take these driving design principles and compose photographs that show them off.

Estate Agent Photography

If I'm shooting for an estate agent my job is to entice people to come and view it, which is achieved not only by showing the house in its best possible light without altering the truth, it’s also to convey a feeling, because people choose houses with their heart as much as their head! As well as images showing the layouts of the rooms, I will look for compositions and light that will evoke an emotional response.

Commercial Property Photography
AirBnB &  Homeowner/Vendor Photography

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