“WOW!! We absolutely love it and would not change a thing! My hairs stood on end and Lucy got all emotional!!!!

Incredible. Well done!”

– Michael, Stowhill Estates

Interior Design Photography

When shooting for an interior designer we take a moment to absorb the ambiance that the room generates. Then we look for the fabrics, colours, artwork and shapes that the designer has used to craft this ambiance and use those, along with careful compositions and lighting, to convey the right feeling in our photographs. 

Dining area
Dining feature
Corner detail
Bedside details
Sofa and artwork
Sofa feature
Armchairs symmetry
Entering bedroom
Chair to garden
Dining area
Breakfast bar to living area
Bed one point
Lifestyle dining
Living room
Kitchen to dining area
Hallway to kitchen
Seating area
Bedroom chair
Reading corner
Girl's bedroom
Sofa end
Living room overview
One point lamp sofa
Bedroom symmetry
Sitting area
One point bathroom
Dining table open plan
Dining atmos
Copper grey bedroom features
Elegant bedroom
Hygge bedroom
View down to dining table
Bedroom seating
Drawing room feature
Pink bedroom
Pink bedroom feature
Blue chair detail
Star bed detail
Entrance to bedroom
Snug entrance feature
Sitting area
Dining room
Top bedroom
Bed portrait
Bedroom chair feature
Dining to living portrait
Living room height
Design feature
Wall feature
Sideboard and chair
Bedroom one point
Artwork and dresser
Bed details
Dining atmos wide
View down portrait
Dining portrait
Living room one point
Living room straight
Cushions detail
Bedroom detail
Buttons and throw
Lamp wallpaper mirror
Bed cushions detail
Curvy white chairs
Curtain details
Fabrics detail
Lampshade detail

“Working with Miriam is a complete joy. Miriam understands exactly what I want to achieve with each photoshoot and

knows how to get it.

A lovely lady, professional, efficient and enthusiastic with superb images for my portfolio - I couldn't ask for more.”

– Claire, Studio 12 Designs

Architectural Photography

We’ll discuss with architects what their client's requirements were and how they were addressed — has the house been designed for an 'inside outside' feel? Was the priority a flow between the kitchen and the living space? Did they want more light? We will take these driving design principles and compose photographs that show them off.

Overview from far corner
Dining area to kitchen
Kitchen island overview
Kitchen one point
Indoor outdoor dining
Living to dining
Open plan space
View back in
Rear elevation
Entrance hall
Entering extension
View back
Dining area
Front external
Rear elevation
View out sunny
View out cosy
Elevated front shot
Rear one point
Living room showing angles
Living room
Down to entrance
Front door detail
Front door feature
Rear elevation
Living room to garden
Twilight front of house
View up stairwell
One point from study
Main bathroom
Ensuite to bedroom
Front mast elevation
Shower room
Corner feature
Rear elevation
Kitchen diner lifestyle
Bee to stone
View into extension
View from entrance
Dining area
Seating to kitchen
Extension overview
Dining area
Dining to kitchen
Main bedroom
Kitchen island wide
Living to dining
Kitchen island
Dining area
Sofa to outside
Front image
Dining area to garden
Inside outside dining
Lengthways view
Child's bedroom
Spare bedroom
Head on doors open exterior
Head on doors open interior
Kitchen and seating
Side elevation
Extension overview
Sofa and windows
Kitchen island
View out lifestyle
Living space
Bench seat
Living area
Dressing table
Bath lifestyle
Hanging basket bedroom
Window seat
Overview from patio doors
Dining portrait

“These are absolutely fantastic! They look really really great. And thank you for going the extra mile matching up the angles and editing out the scaffolding! Awesome. I’m so glad I found you!!! 😊” 

– Keith, Cad Up Ltd

Estate Agent Photography

Our job here is to entice people to come and view the property, which is achieved not only by showing it in its best possible light without altering the truth — it’s also to evoke an emotional response, because people choose houses with their hearts as much as their heads!

Bedroom open doors
Twilight rear lifestyle
Living room overview
Modern living rustic kitchen
Sunroom view out
Guest bedroom
Patio view
Window seat
Large living area
View down to garden
Bedroom lifestyle
Side front twilight
Twilight lifestyle
Bed and reading chair
Living room with fire
House from garden
Outdoor dining area
Bedroom pink accessories
Glass extension
Kitchen to diner
Living room
Front exterior
Living space with fire
Entering dining area
Patio lifestyle
Traditional dining room
Sofa atmos
Office with a view
Front twilight
Living room
Kitchen to diner
Garden seating to view
Kitchen feature
Dining and stairs
Living room with piano
Entrance hall
Bedroom lifestyle
Living area
Front door
Kitchen island and diner
Breakfast lifestyle
Seating area
Elevated head on exterior
Through to ensuite
Mast twilight
Living room with fire
Dining room
Sunroom with piano
Mast rear to fields
Window seat
Apex window
Dining room with fire
Bedroom character
Bedroom window
Front of house
Traditional dining room
Fireside atmos
Traditional bedroom
Dining room window
Rear elevation
Hallway with fire
Dining room
Living room lifestyle
Bedroom grey tones
Ensuite with bath
Open plan space with fire
Bedroom with balcony
Rear elevation
Through rose arch
Bedroom features
Kitchen island seating
Modern bedroom
Sofa to outside
View down garden
Open plan area
Eclectic living room
Modern living room
Large guest ensuite
Inside outside one point
Patio garden
View from window
Framed view
Dining area to outside
Bed detail
Bedroom silver tones
Modern bathroom
Sofa window
Thatched property exterior

“Well - what can I say…except WOW!  The photos are AMAZING we are so pleased with them! Thanks so much.”

– Lucy, Stowhill Estates

Commercial Property Photography
Swimming pool wide shot
Looking down spiral stairs
Tap feature
Outdoor kitchen
Curtain fabric detail
Curtain pattern detail
Restaurant one point
Restaurant seating
Hot tub to pool dusk
Pool lounger to house dusk
Heather to kitchen
Kitchen island
Show kitchens
Curtain pleating detail
Restaurant main overview
Outdoor kitchen
Pool house
Kitchen surface
Living to sunroom
Outdoor kitchen and dining
Kitchen island one point
Kitchen features
Bistro bar
Library fire
Entrance hall
Games room
Walk-in shower
Side table
Dining table and sideboard
Star room overview
Star bed detail
Hygge bedroom features
Yellow chair
Seating area
Kitchen bar stools
Smart kitchen
White worktop detail

“These are amazing. What a fantastic start to showcase my work. Can’t wait to go live with these. Thanks very much indeed.”

– Ceri, Sort Style and Stage

Serviced Accommodation Photography
Living space one point
Sofa to dining feature
Bedroom with chair
Sofa to dining
Sofa to entrance area
Colourful bedroom
Bed one point
Bedroom lights on
Twin room lights on
Bed with guest towels
Room overview
Dining to bed
Wardrobe to bed
Kitchen area
Front of building
Front shot
Desk to bedroom
Bathroom with guest towels
Bed feature
Desk to bedroom

“Thank you so much once again. We launched the flat on Wednesday night and yesterday secured two bookings, one of which is for the whole of January!!”

– Luke, LK Stays serviced accommodation

AirBnB &  Homeowner /Vendor Photography
View through from kitchen
Diner to garden
One point through bifolds
Living area wide
Kitchen to diner
Child's bedroom
Elevated front shot
Main bedroom
Living room with fire
Outdoor seating
Path to seating
Elevated garden
Outdoor dining
Main bedroom
Bedroom atmos
Kitchen statement tiles
Shower room
Entering living room
Diner to kitchen and garden
Kitchen opened up
Living area
Dining area
Overview from bed
Bedroom view back
Ensuite bath
Kitchen diner
Dining kitchen
Living area to dining table
Living area with fire
Main bedroom
Kitchen with statement tiles

“We’ve had four offers and sold within 5 days. I have to say, I don’t think we’d have as many viewings had it not been for your amazing photos.”

– Zuzana, homeowner/vendor